MBX Pro Series Barrel & Handguard

MBX Pro Series Barrel
The New MBX 9mm AR Barrel for PCC competition.

PCC 416 R Stainless 14" Barrel with MBX Stainless Compensator pinned and welded 16.1" overall length

- Custom designed 14" to our specs for durability and light weight

- Extended throat for 1.150 OAL bullet length

- 11 deg crown with 1.10 Twist for superb accuracy

- Specific pinning/alignment shoulder for rock solid compensator attachment to meet ATF regulations 16.1" long with pinned MBX Compensator.

MBX Stainless Compensator for MBX barrels only.

- Many hours of testing and development to get the best possible performance as our proven tall wall aluminum design.

- The 300 series Stainless Compensator has wider chambers and increased side ears.

- Surface area that really traps and diverts the expanding gases.

- Along with the very aggressive 22 deg angle to really make use of the gas available.

- Produces the best and fastest sight track possible back to the point of origin.

- When combined with adjustable "Patent-Pending" Buffer system you get the softest shooting blow back gun available.

Overall Weight: 1.4 lbs (22.4oz)

MBX Pro Series Handguard
The New MBX Pro Series Handguard

MBX 13.75" long Hand-guard is our own ultra light weight design for competition with M locks that was specifically build for 14" barrels or longer.

It makes a great combination when added to our 9 mm pin and welded compensator Barrel.

This a perfect addition to ANY PCC or 3 Gun AR 15 Build, like all MBX products it is build to perform and with it's true Type 3 hard anodizing will remain looking great!


MBX Pro Series Barrel & Handguard Combination
MBX Pro Series Barrel & Handguard Combination


MBX 9mm AR Stainless Steel pin & welded Barrel

MBX Stainless Steel Compensator

MBX Pro Series Handguard

All Necessary Hardware