MBX Glock & PCC Extension Basepad w/spring

MBX Custom Springs for MBX Extensions
140mm Extra Power Glock Spring: $5.99
19 coil spring for Ultra: $10.99
24 coil spring for Mega: $12.99

MBX Custom Springs for Glock Style MBX Extensions

Custom wound Wolff premium spring for glock style follower and MBX follower. Produces maximum realiablity and feeding when used in conjunction with MBX extensions.

MBX 20% extra power Glock style spring for factory follower for based extension 5-6rds the ultimate upgrade for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45ACP.

MBX Follower
New MBX "Snage-free" Follower for Glock Style Extended Magazines

MBX designed follower allows for consistent and reliable stacking of 9mm Rounds for extended magazine tubes. Smooth, sleek profile ensures consistent feeding when used with MBX extended basepad.