MBX Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) & Glock Style Products

MBX 9mm PCC Compensator "Patent pending"
MBX 9mm PCC Compensator "Patent pending"

Designed specifically for competition shooting to achieve the best performance possible with the lower gas volume Pistol Caliber Rifle.

NEW extra tall port design along with new offset side semi circle design for increased surface area, resulting in highly efficient gas redirection, creating improved downforce and great stability for the Ultimate in dot track and follow up shots.

- 20 Deg rear slope port configuration increases compensator forward brake motion to aid in felt recoil.

- Made from T6 aluminum, hard anodized for light weight and durability.

- Includes threaded lock nut for easy installation and 6/32 tapped set screw to aid in installation or pinning if required.

- 3" overall length, .875 wide & 1 1/4" tall

- Available threads: 1/2 x 28 & 1/2 x 36

MBX 9mm PCC Compensator Video
MBX Recoil Reduction System "Patent pending"
MBX Yellow and White A4 Buffer Springs
with Buffer Pad
The MBX "Patent Pending" Buffer is Designed specifically for Pistol Carbine Caliber.

Features an Internal Spring captured within the Buffer to allow for the Buffer/Bolt speed to be significantly reduced during the cycling of the Firearm, resulting in an Extreme Reduction with Felt Recoil.

- Buffer weight 6.8 ozs
- Overall length 4.9 inches
- Made from Stainless Steel
- Includes internal .062 recoil reduction spring
- Captured Pin Design to ensure reliability and Performance

2 Adjustable Stoke Lengths:
- 1.400 Stroke Long
- .900 Stroke Short

Please see recommendations for matching Springs

YELLOW Carbine Spring recommended for most Standard Applications min 115 Power Factor up to 145 Power Factor.

WHITE Carbine Extra Long Spring recommended for 140 Power Factor and Above.

MBX Recoil Reduction System Video
MBX PCC Buffer Tuning/Rebuild Kit
MBX PCC Buffer Tuning/Rebuild Kit

Kit includes:
- Spring Buffer Pad
- Custom Buffer Pin
- Set Screw
- Allen Wrench
- 3 Springs:
   "Red" Standard Power .062
   "Green" Reduced Power .055
   "Blue" Lightest Power .047

MBX "Fang" CTR Stock Extension
MBX "Fang" CTR Stock Extension

The New MBX "Fang" extends the factory Butt Stock to allow for deeper and more stable contact with the shoulder pocket. Other benefits includes greater recoil control and added stability when reloading along with a raise stance when used in conjunction with MBX offset C-More mounts.

For installation on the Magpul model CTR.

MBX C-More Mounts
MBX C-More Mount

The New MBX offset scope mount for full size C-More. Designed for fast and easy "heads up" acquisition when installed on a rifle for PCC competition and steel challenge.

Allows for extremely fast and easy visual access of red dot without having to place head over top of butt stock centerline.

Attaches to C-More railway base plate.

Available right or left handed.

Comes with necessary screws for mounting when used in conjunction with railway mount.

MBX Extension Basepad
Glock Basepad &
140mm Extra Power Spring: $41.99
PCC Basepad & 19 Coil Spring: $44.99

MBX Glock & PCC Basepad Including Spring

MBX Glock Basepad 140mm Extension taking capacity to 23rd for 9mm and 21rd for .40 S&W.

Kit includes longer and 20% extra power MBX custom spring for consistent feeding and slide lock. Uses factory follower.

MBX PCC Basepad Extension adds capacity to 36 with MBX 19 Coil extra power custom spring for the ultimate performance and reliability.

MBX Custom Springs for MBX Extensions
140mm Extra Power Glock Spring: $5.99
19 coil spring for Ultra: $10.99
24 coil spring for Mega: $12.99

MBX Custom Springs for Glock Style MBX Extensions

Custom wound Wolff premium spring for glock style follower and MBX follower. Produces maximum realiablity and feeding when used in conjunction with MBX extensions.

MBX 20% extra power Glock style spring for factory follower for based extension 5-6rds the ultimate upgrade for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45ACP.

MBX Follower
New MBX "Snage-free" Follower for Glock Style Extended Magazines

MBX designed follower allows for consistent and reliable stacking of 9mm Rounds for extended magazine tubes. Smooth, sleek profile ensures consistent feeding when used with MBX extended basepad.