MBX Basepads for Caspian/Tanfoglio Styles

All components are designed to work with MBX tubes. Other manufacture parts may be used in conjunction with MBX parts, components, or tubes but may require adjustment/fitting for maximum reliability.
MBX Universal Basepad
MBX Universal Basepad for Caspian/Tanfoglio Styles

• Fits 140mm and 170mm tubes.

• In Compliance to meet the USPSA 141.25mm & 171.25mm length rules.

• Tool-less Removal

• Billet Aluminum

* May need to be modified if used on other manufacturers tubes.

MBX Standard Basepad Repair Kit
MBX Standard Basepad Repair Kit

Includes: 5 set screws, Rubber silicone pieces, & 5-Pins

Fixes these Basepads:

- MBX Universal Basepads

- MBX IPSC Square Basepads

- MBX IPSC/IDPA Angled Basepads