MBX Competition Ready Magazines for Para/Armscor/Remington Styles!

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The Next Generation of High Performance Competition Ready Magazines for Para/Armscor/Remington Styles.

    Made from Heat Treated 410 Stainless for Ultimate Durability.

    No spacer required for 9mm/.38 magazines.

    All MBX Para/Armscor/Remington Styles Magazines fit ALL new and old Para/Armscor/Remington styles models including the Pro series.

    MBX Complete Tubes were designed to be competition ready with exclusive features to meet the highest demands for today's shooters.

    - All 126mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 20-21 rounds.
    - All 126mm .40/10mm magazines hold 18-19 rounds.
    - All 141.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 23-24 rounds.
    - All 141.25mm .40/10mm magazines hold 20-21 rounds.
    - All 171.25mm 9mm/.38 magazines hold 29-30 rounds.

    *Our tubes are designed exclusively to work with MBX Basepads, Springs, and Followers. These tubes are not designed to work with other manufacturers components.

    The tube is designed to work with the MBX Extreme Follower. This is a wider follower with new features that will allow for maximum reliability and capacity.

    Witness holes on rear of tube to indicate round count for all tubes.

Our goal is to produce and maintain the highest level of competition ready magazines and shooting products available for today's shooting enthusiast and any federal, state, or law enforcement agency.