MBX PCC Pro Series Gun

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The New MBX PCC Gun is the true Hybrid for Competition shooter with the quality, innovation, experience, and performance that MBX puts into all it's products.

What make MBX PCC Gun different?

      Current Availability 3-4 weeks
      1. MBX Pro-Series PCC Gun designed for use with Glock Style Magazines.
      2. MBX Custom Contour 14" Barrel with Polished entry throat made from 416R stainless. Long throat for up to 1.150 OAL., 1.10 twist, zero threaded damage pinning shoulder with the New stainless pinned and welded MBX Compensator. We also offer black 16" Barrel no pinning required.
      3. 14" Barrel has the New MBX stainless Compensator installed, aligned, and pinned to meet ATF 16" legal length.
      4. New MBX Custom Hand-guard designed for ultra light weight with 13" and 15" lengths and M-lock on front portion for attachments.
      5. MBX New Super Slick Custom Billet Aluminum low profile Mag-well which is installed on the lower receiver with accent colors available.
      6. MBX Lower blueprinted to our Specifications for consistent and correct Magazine alignment with adjustable set screws.
      7. MBX Adjustable MBX "Patent-pending" stainless steel dual spring Recoil Reduction system. The Recoil System will be set up to your load data in order to give you the best performance "Out of the Box".
      8. MBX includes a complete Buffer Spring tuning kit. So if you change your loads, you can easily tune the system for the ultimate in performance.
      9. Custom MBX coatings and color options with Hard Type 3 on all black and "MBX Gunner Gray" parts.
      10. Your MBX PCC Gun comes with the Target used to test fire at 35 yards that ensures Function, Accuracy, and Performance you expect from MBX.
      11. Billet 7075 Uppers and Lower Receivers.
      12. Chamber headspace/throat checked and set for consistent reliability of rounds up to 1.50 OAL.
      13. Ejector tuned, set, and pinned in place for years of trouble free performance.
      14. Drop in POF curved Trigger. Tuned and set for smooth 3lb pull with a crisp clean 3-4lb reset. No walk pins.
      15. Black Nitride bolt with spring tension extractor for consistent reliability.
      16. Bolt face is chamfered and Micro polished for smooth feeding and reliability.
      17. Features last round bolt open.
      18. Light weight. Overall gun weight 6.5lbs!
      19. Hogue fingerless rubber grip and A4 adjustable stock for the finest in comfort and performance.
      20. MBX includes recommended load data specs to get you started.
      21. Other options and parts available see the gun build form.
      22. Gun Build Time is 3-4 weeks.
What makes the MBX PCC Pro Series Gun different?
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Currently accepting Waiting List pre-orders

Get on the waiting list for the next run of MBX Pro Series PCC Firearms. Pre-order yours today!

Email Copy FFL to mbxextreme@gmail.com. No work can be started on firearm until we receive the FFL


Total: $1,480

TERMS & AGREEMENT: Requirements to hold PRE-ORDER PCC GUN - Deposit of $400 (instructions once pre-order submitted), and a Copy of Dealer FFL emailed to karenmbxextreme@gmail.com. If not received within 48 hours, with the exception of being on the waiting list, your preorder will be canceled. If you are on the Waiting List you will receive confirmation once your firearm build is started. Firearm build time 3-4 weeks. You will receive an email upon deposit and will be notified via email regarding delivery date and final balance payment. Gun will be shipped to state of residence only. Due to the fact that some parts are anodized at different times and with different materials, there may be slight variations in coating colors. If deposit is paid and gun build is started and you cancel, there will be a 20% restocking fee. MBX abides by all state capacity laws.

If any questions, please email them to mbxcustoms@gmail.com

The Development Story of the Ultimate Performance MBX Pro-series 9mm PCC Gun?

The MBX Pro-Series PCC Gun is designed as all our product to perform at the highest level "Out of the Box". MBX prides itself on producing the best products for the shooting sports community. We did not rush to get products out that are minimal to average at best in their performance. MBX would rather develop and test until we are sure of our products are at the top level at which they will perform for our customers.

With so many hours spent behind the 9mm PCC by myself and the MBX team members, we found testing of current and development products that worked best together. We shot thousands of rounds when it become clear that certain combinations and products worked better together while other did not. So we started developing a list of parts with some we designed from scratch, build or modified. It is rather a blueprint if you like for parts and improvements that we could build in order to assure that when the complete rifle was assembled we achieved 100% performance. We at MBX want to pass this along to our customers.

MBX has developed the adjustable "Patent-pending" Recoil Reduction Buffer System that has proven performance. Also the "Tall Wall" MBX 9mm Compensator Port Design that has been praised throughout the PCC community along with the New MBX "Mega" 57 and "Mini" 47 Glock extensions.

During this time we began to see a clear picture of what we wanted to put together, a mid-priced performance competition PCC gun. Light, Fast, Well Balanced, and easy to transition with great recoil control, consistence, and sight/dot tracking. With that being said MBX strives to build a complete gun for the person who wants to pick it up and go shooting matches on the weekends with knowing they have the Ultimate in performance, reliability, and durability "Out of the Box".

Hope you enjoy your New MBX Pro-Series 9mm PCC Gun!

Adrian Cobb CEO